Ron believes that our number one issue of the day is jobs and the economy.  There is no way the he will tell you that he can or will create jobs. Although many politicians will say they can create jobs, this is purely fictitious. Jobs are created when businesses exist in a business friendly environment which allows them to thrive.  In Ron’s view, there are six key and interrelated variables that contribute to a creating and maintaining a business friendly environment in North Carolina: taxes, budget process, regulating legislation, education, infrastructure, and security.


When he entered the Senate, Ron joined the fight to change our 1930s-dated tax to a modern tax code that would allow wage earners and successful businesses to keep more of their hard earned dollars to spend as they wish. While the end goal is about 5 years down the road, we have begun to move to a broader-based system of taxation based on sales rather than personal income. We have lowered personal and corporate income taxes, putting over $1-billion in taxpayers’ pockets to spend as they think best.  Individuals can purchase more goods and businesses can expand. Our state taxes are now regionally competitive and taxation reform will continue.

Budget Process

Just like we as individuals, the state cannot spend more than it takes in. To do this, spending must be controlled and debts paid. The NCGA has done this and Ron will push for its continuance.

Regulating Legislation

Over the years legislation has been passed without an eye to looking at its fiscal impacts on business. This General Assembly is actively engaged in finding and eliminating regulations that inhibit business growth and cause undue and complicated bookkeeping and monitoring. This will continue with due regard to protecting our people and environment.


Ron believes that the product of our current education system is the result of the current education process. Since the results are not meeting expectation, the process has to be evaluated and fixed accordingly. It’s like the old adage about continuing to do the same thing and expecting a different outcome. Ron believes that standards need to be raised to the levels of excellence that meet realistic needs and then adhered to. Lowering standards simply makes the situation worse. There should be no need for our universities and community colleges to have to spend valuable resources on remedial training in math and English on such large numbers of students.  That’s the job of the K-12 part of the system. Ron believes that competition on a fair and level playing field brings out the best in the competitors. Public schools should relish the competition with charter schools just to prove they are the better alternative. The same is true regarding private, faith-based and home schools. This competition gives families a choice and they will do what is best for them and their children. Ron’s efforts to fix the education system to get the students the education they need and deserve will continue.


In Ron’s opinion, the vibrant, growing economy we want for North Carolina requires that we have the infrastructure to support that economy. Ron supports the Governor’s 25-year infrastructure plan and will work to see that all communities benefit.  Our rural areas deserve access to the economic mainstream. After all, they are paying part of the taxes that pay for it. Senator Rabin will try to see that that happens.


Senator Rabin recognizes that security is a basic motivator in our lives. All of us want to know that there is a solid health care system if we or family members need medical attention. All of us want to know that law enforcement personnel are trained and available to protect us when we need it. All of us want to know that first responders will come to our assistance as needed.  Ron believes that security needs will rise in the face of the new threats we face from terrorists, gang violence, and deranged individuals. These are a growing threat that we must be prepared to meet and defeat.

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